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Many of us often dream of living and working in a big city and in England, no city surpasses London. However, despite many of the work opportunities in a big city like London, many people prefer to live and raise their families in an idyllic, history-rich and scenic borough where the costs of living are less prohibitive. If you work in London are exploring nearby area where you can settle down with your loved ones, have you ever thought about relocating to one of the boroughs in the greater South London area?

South London - aptly named so since it is located south of River Thames, has seen an implosion in the number of new businesses setting up shop in the area as well as marked increase in the population. This means that though most the greater South London is dotted with idyllic villages and hamlets, there are also many urban centres that are dotted with new real estate developments to cater for new businesses and the ever-increasing population.

Based on population data and the new developments across South London, some of the most popular boroughs to relocate to in the area include:

  • - Croydon
  • - Brexley
  • - Greenwich
  • - Bromley
  • - Kingston
  • - Richmond
  • - Sutton
  • - Wandsworth
  • - Southwark
  • - Lewisham
  • - Merton
  • - Lambeth

If you are looking for reasons to relocate to any of the boroughs in South London, consider this ...

Apart from the commercial developments currently taking place across the area, the greater South London is one of the safest areas in the entire UK. Additionally, most boroughs have great schools and the great transportation links allow easy and convenient access London and the rest of the UK.

What Types of Houses Are Available Across South London?

The greater South London area has a rich architectural history with many old yet well-maintained Victoria, Georgian and Edwardian houses available for sale and lease. There are also many new modern flats and office complexes being built across all the boroughs in South London. The types of houses available in the area include:

• Maisonettes - These are self-contained flats that cover over two floors. Maisonettes tend to be large and as such, they are perfect for people who have huge families or homeowners who have huge space requirements

• Detached houses - These are single homes that are not co-joined with other houses nearby meaning that they have plenty of outdoor space. Detached houses are ideal for people with children who need outdoor play space or people interested in carrying out some outdoor gardening

• Flats - These are houses which typically cover just one floor of a residential building. They are ideal for people who have small families or people looking to start a family in the near future

• Studio apartments - These are large single rooms that are usually sub-divided into smaller functional spaces depending on the needs of a person. They are ideal for single people who do not have a family

House prices in the greater South London area vary depending on several factors such as the number of bedroom prices, real estate rates in the neighbourhood and the amenities available.

Where Can I Find a Quality South London Mover?

If the South London area seems like a great place to reside and/or raise your family, you may already be looking for a moving company to handle your relocation to the area. If so, the moving company to call is F Smith & Son.

Here are some of the reasons F Smith & Son is considered the premier moving company across South London ...

  • • They have been offering moving services across South London Boroughs for close to 90 decades!
  • • The firm is staffed by experienced, professional and courteous employees who have all been carefully vetted
  • • Over the years, the company has proven its dedication to offering quality, reliable and affordable South London moving services as demonstrated by their certifications by various professional bodies in the moving industry, return clients and glowing testimonials by past clients
  • • The company offers a wide range of comprehensive moving services including:
  1. - Residential removals
  2. - Commercial and office removals
  3. - Storage services for domestic goods as well as office equipment and documents
  4. - Packing and handling services

If you are looking for moving advice or relocation services from the best movers in South London, F Smith & Son has all you are looking for and more! To get in touch with the premier South London movers at this firm, you can call 020 8688 7063 or alternatively, you can visit www.fsmithandson.co.uk.

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